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                                  "A Community of Learners"

PS 112M. Mission
The staff and administrators of our school believe that every student will be given the opportunity to maximize his/her ability to learn.
We recognize that education is fostered through cooperation between the teacher, student, parent, and community.
To this task we commit ourselves to build an educational atmosphere for learning which we will provide our students the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially in order to become future productive members of society.

Our Vision:
We see our school as a community of learners where all members of the staff, students, and parents support and accept each other, and meet the needs of individuals. It is the hope that all members of our community will become life long learners, be flexible, embrace change and become active participants in our school and society. Ideally, all members of the community will be responsible and accountable. The members will respect themselves and others. The members will develop critical thinking skills and the ability to communicate effectively.

***Students Speak Out!! BLOG-- Write your comments here !


pic of school 112.jpg

P.S 112M,
                           Jose Celso Barbosa School                           
535 E.119th Street
New York, New York 10035 
Eileen Reiter, Principal
Carmen Colon, Assistant Principal
To Register: Call 212-860-5868
Fax: 212-860-6077
Click here for more information
about Registration!

P.S.112 CARES!!
After the devastating events of the earthquake and tsunami that affected Japan in March, students  from 1-213 began asking questions.  First they wondered exactly about what a tsunami was and what an  earthquake was.  Then their wonderings shifted to how they could help the people of Japan.  They decided to raise money for the people of Japan.  They created posters and went around the school to fundraise.  Along with  the Penny Harvest team, they raised $500 for the Japanese Red Cross.  As their inquiry broadened, they began reading  books about life in Japan.  Their questions then centered on children in Japan, how they dressed, what they ate, what  they did for fun, what kind of animals lived there, etc. As a culminating event to this project of humanity and empathy, students created collages that were put into book form.

Jacob Brandt's parents arranged for a visit to the United Nations, where they both work.  Dignitaries from Japan met with Class 1-213 to receive the book of collages and sympathy messages.  The students performed "Kuma San" that they had learned in Music Class with Miss Trudy, as well as "On Top of Spaghetti."  A film crew was there from a Japanese television station.

You can click on the link to view a short clip of the presentation.




April 6-15--Spring Recess

April 16--Return to School

April 17--PA Meeting 8:30 Room 207 

April 19--Family Fun Fitness Day 8:45-10:00 School Cafeteria

April 24--Math Workshop 8:30 AM PK/K

  April 25-- Math Workshop 8:30AM

             1st and 2nd Grades

Online Pre-K Registration until April 20th

  Parent Resources:

 1. Information on how to REGISTER your child in a NYC public school: click here

  2.  ***Keep your child SAFE ONLINE!!!***

View Guidelines for Parents

Internet Safety for Kids: click  here

3. Want access to your child's school records?Stop by Room 117 to pick up your ARIS Log-in Information!


Penny Harvest

Second Annual Penny Harvest 2010-2011!!!

View New Photos!


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tallava set korg pa800 Read all about last year's project!


The students decided to donate the money to:

1- Red Cross Relief Fund for Japan
2- Little Sisters of the Assumption Food Pantry


We are proud to announce that we have received many awards for our hard work.  Click on the ribbon to view our
Awards and Recognitions. 







 View DOE Calendar 2011-2012  






**Playground Ribbon Cutting
Click here to see more photos! 



Class K-101 Website

Click here






Science/Math Fair

A climate of excitement and energy was contagious during our Second Annual Science and Math Family Fun Time. The parents and students had a great time participating in the various hands-on activities!!

Many wonderful discoveries were made during the Fabulous Fiber Activity, interesting data was collected during the Change Matters Activity, unique dome designs were created during Gumdrops and Toothpicks, a paper object was observed as it interacted with air and the Bubble Station was rocking!!!


Our community of learners were able to explore Science and Math by exploring their natural world.

What A Day!!!!!

View Photo Album!



  Art Studio News

  Mid-Year ART Exhibition February 16, 2012

IMG_2499.jpgArt Exhibit May 2011-photos

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**Museum Resources for Parents!!

 Three children will be showing work in the exhibition called "Celebrating Our Student Achievements in the Arts" at El Museo del Barrio on May 26th, viewing at 5:00 PM.

HOORAY!!!! and Congratulations!
Big Apple Skyline
has been selected from over 800 entries to be included in the P.S. Art 2010 exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


 Art celebrates the visual arts in New York City’s public schools and showcases the tremendous talent of students from every neighborhood across the city.  Students from 2-309 and art teacher, Cathy Ramey, are commended for the exemplary work submitted for this competition. 




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2nd Grade Students participate in an online book club. They read stories and have conversations online at the P.S.112 Blog Site. Click here and click "comments" to read our discussions.

Blog Archives #1  #2

Videoconferencing with Taiwan

Class 2-216

More Photos: Click


Terrific   Technology


**Skype Sessions: Click here



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  Click to read some of our

Busy Bees' poems!



Trillium Learning

Website and Projects

News and Events

All about   Internet Safety!

  2nd Grade Internet Safety eBook

  Click here: Sites for Kids

Students use this link in the lab to do

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research and inquiry work.

Click to hear Podcasts  !


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   Student Wikispace

  Health News  

  PS112M Wellness Council Committee. This committee develops activities within our school regarding Nutrition and Physical Education. Parents are more than welcome to join. Please see Ms. Carlisi or notify her at mcarlis@schools.nyc.gov. Important Websites are:  My Community Health Page   and  Kids Eat Well


  Health Inquiry Class 1-213


To view photos, click here


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 Visit Kidfresh for Fun Kid Games and Word Searches!

Additional Information for Parents--click here 

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Nutrition Website

25 Snacks for Healthy Kids




Library Media Center Announcements and Events

Click here to view the Library Standards!

P.S.112 VIDEOCONFERENCES WITH ASIA!!!!  This year our Distant Learning program has been a great success!  Class 2-302 and class 2-216 connected with countries in Asia!  2-302 had a videoconference with HONG KONG where our students shared with Hong Kong students the process of print making and they taught us how to bucket drum. When we connected with Hong Kong there was a twelve hour difference. We met at 7:30AM while the students over there met at 7:30 PM. Class 2-216 had their Videoconference with TAIWAN.  Our students learned about the Moon Festival and they learned about the process of print making. When connecting with Taiwan, there was a thirteen hour difference.  We came to school at 6:00 PM and they came to school at 7:00 AM. All the students involved with Distant Learning have learned a great deal about different cultures and our world.  We hope to continue these great Global Projects!  

Class 1-213 and 1-306, had the opportunity to connect with a Zoo in Kansas.  On two separate occasions, the students learned about Animal Adaptation and Birds of Prey. The preparation for these lessons included many visits to the Science Room & Technology Lab. The children also visited the Library to find resources needed for their topic.  The content for these lessons were prepared by Ms. Morelli and the classroom teachers.  The students quickly became experts and even surprised Misty the Zookeeper with their knowledge!
Distant Learning is such a great tool because it allows students to learn and wonder about the world they live in. The student’s natural inquiry that took place during these events was amazing.  The science vocabulary acquired for this unit continues to be in use.   
There is still more Videoconferencing to come this YEAR!!!



Click here to view more photos!














Website Created by T. Esposito
P.S. 112M Webmaster